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3 Peaks New Zealand Merino Wool Garments


Merino Sheep - the Merino is one of the oldest breeds of sheep established in Spain in the Middle Ages,  known for its soft, superfine wool which protect the sheep around the Southern Alps of New Zealand with temperatures from +30c in the summer to –15 in the winter.  

Saxon Merino - The Aristocracy of Merino Sheep is without a peer. It is best suited to the dry high  country with the cold to hot conditions found on the flanks of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  

Micron - A micron is one millionths of a metre. The finer the micron, the softer the fibre. The feeling of  prickle and itch comes from fibres with coarse microns of any type of fibre. Merino has the finest fibres of any breed of sheep. 

Corriedale - Breed in NZ from Merino and Lincoln Sheep to produce a medium - fine wool of 25-32  microns. 

Sustainable - We believe in the welfare of the sheep, the farm & the farmer through to the final product  and for this reason we are part of the process from the shearing of the wool to the production of the  knits and the making of the garments in New Zealand - This makes it 100% Sustainable! 

Traceable - All our wool is traceable from the finished product back to the farm in Marlborough, New  Zealand. 

Repurpose/Recycle - Our products are proudly made in NZ to last, so when you want another garment, hand your loved piece on to the next person for more enjoyment and adventures, it can then finally be recycled and made into felt to start another life and eventually biodegrade into the earth. 

Biodegradable - All our knits are made of 100% natural fibres & a 100% biodegradable. 

Temperature Control - A natural insulation engineered by the evolution of merino in the places we now enjoy. An active fibre that can gain and release heat depending on the external environment and the  wearers body heat. 

Breathable - Merino actively absorbs perspiration from the wearer releasing it into the air through  evaporation. 

Merrow Stitching - Close overlocking stitching, using 3 times the yarn to allow for the knit to move  naturally and comfort next to the skin. We use sewing thread made of recycled milk bottles. 

Raglan Sleeve - A sleeve, seamed from the collar to the armpit for better comfort and movement.

NZ Made - Proudly knitted and produced by Artisans in New Zealand.


LCA - Life Cycle Assessment, assessing environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the life  cycle from farm to product.

RS3 - The felt range of products made from the production offcuts and recycled wool.

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